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Free Team Building Activity 4: Building A Structure

Imagine trying to put up a tent in the dark, without a torch.  This following activity basically mimics that exact scenario! Task: Whilst wearing blindfolds, build a new structure (set up a tent) using the resources available, then get the entire group to gather inside it. This is a fairly difficult task that heavily involves communication, co-operation, problem solving … Read more

Free Team Building Activity 3: Caring For The Customer

A short exercise that addresses blaming behaviour and conflict as well as co-operation and co-ordination is an activity called ‘Caring for the customer’. You will need: One six inch rod (preferably something light like a bamboo wand) Two large washers 5-20 people Put the washers on the tip of each end of the rod and … Read more

Free Team Building Activity 1: Problem Solving

The following exercise, ‘Problem Solving’, is a fun activity that requires a lot of teamwork! Task: To untie several knots in a rope without letting go of the rope This sounds pretty easy but you will be surprised at how many times you will almost put down that rope!  Work as a team to untie the many overhand … Read more

Five Free Team Building Activities

This guide will provide you with five fantastic team building activities that have been carefully selected specifically for corporate events.  The activities require minimal equipment and cost next to nothing so they are easy to set up and can be used over and over again! Our top five team building activities are: 1. ‘Problem Solving‘  – a … Read more