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White Water Rafting in Wales

White Water Rafting & Kayaking

We have access to the best White Water Rafting in Wales. Our recommended course was the venue for the British White Water Rafting Wales Championships in December 2008.

This rafting trip has an amazing array of wild life and the trip is about 2½ hours long (10km) with an average river difficulty of 1- 3. You may also have the chance of a good rapid swim during the trip too!

White Water Rafting Difficulty

The International scale of White Water Rafting difficulty is rated from: Grade 1- (Easy) to Grade 6- (Unraftable). Most of the rivers in the UK are usually Grade 1-3 runs but can change depending upon water levels. International White Water Rafting destinations such as the river Zambezi, the Alps etc. typically run grades 4-5.

All the river systems in the world are either fed by melting snow, glaciers or rain. In the UK rivers are predominantly rain fed systems, making rafting Wales conditions unpredictable. If levels are too low for rafting you will get the option of Kayaking in sit on top kayaks on a suitable stretch of white water on the same river- see video on the left.

Book Your White Water Rafting Adventure

Contact us today to book for white water rafting in Wales. To arrange a booking we require a minimum group size of four. If you do not have a minimum group size, you are welcome to join one of our open events.


If you are looking for our most exciting “White Water” activity then we would definitely recommend “White Water Surf Kayaking” or Gorge Walking (also known as Canyoning in Wales) which are our most popular activities and a great “white water” alternative.

Video and Photos on this page taken on the route we use- West Wales.




West Wales


The average trip is about 2½ hours long (10km) but can vary with river conditions.


Participants must be able to swim a minimum of 20 metres and have a reasonable level of fitness. Minimum of four persons.