Blue Ocean

Free Team Building Activity 3: Caring For The Customer

A short exercise that addresses blaming behaviour and conflict as well as co-operation and co-ordination is an activity called ‘Caring for the customer’.

You will need:

One six inch rod (preferably something light like a bamboo wand)

Two large washers

5-20 people

Put the washers on the tip of each end of the rod and hold it horizontally at waist level, then place two fingers together and keep the rod level by supporting it from underneath. The rod will act as the customers and the washers will act as the values!

Task: You are servicing your customers who have certain values.  While maintaining constant support of your customers (don’t lose contact with the rod), move them in a very caring and responsible manner (keeping the rod level) towards their needs (the ground) without abandoning their needs (dropping the washers).

It is important to know that the rod does tend to go up as you move despite trying hard to lower it therefore blame can be a reoccurrence as people can become frustrated!

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