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Ideas For A Stag Weekend

You’re the best man and you’ve been put in charge of organising the stag weekend.  Need some ideas? Look no further than this ‘how to’ guide on planning the perfect stag weekend. Firstly, you need to decide on a location for the stag weekend.  Are you going to stay close to home? Do you want … Read more

Adventure Guide For Stag Weekends

This guide will provide you with a number of different ideas for an adventurous stag weekend.  Read on to discover why adventure stag weekends are the way forward when it comes to planning a stag do.  Adventure stag weekends offer bags of fun… plus you come away hangover free!  Ditch the pints for the ultimate stag weekend and … Read more

Outdoor Education For Children

Outdoor education and recreation can have a huge impact on the growth and development of a child.  Adventurous activities such as canyoning, gorge walking, bushcraft and white water rafting are fun-filled outdoor pursuits that enhance various essential skills – focused learning, problem solving, team building and motivation.  How? Children are able to explore their limits and … Read more

Benefits of Team Building Activities

Team building activities are a great way to help employees learn how to co-operate and work together efficiently.  Besides from these two factors, team building activities have many other benefits; read our top ten list below to find out why team building activities are a ‘must’ for all companies! Release stress – no one is … Read more

Free Team Building Activity 5: Supporting Your Group Leader

It is important to support your team leader in any working environment.  This exercise has a fun and fresh angle on how to support your group leader – by securing them to a wall! You will need: Duct tape A chair A thick marker pen 10-30 people Find a wall with a surface that adheres … Read more