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Benefits of Team Building Activities

Team building activities are a great way to help employees learn how to co-operate and work together efficiently.  Besides from these two factors, team building activities have many other benefits; read our top ten list below to find out why team building activities are a ‘must’ for all companies!

  1. Release stress – no one is going to be worrying over work when they’re engaging in fun and thought provoking activities!
  2. Reduce formality and tension – if you didn’t know your colleagues before, you will definitely know them now!  People tend to relax more in informal situations and team building activities are a great ice breaker.
  3. Discover new talents – this works as a great confidence booster, it is always uplifting to find that you have a hidden skill!
  4. Refreshing and exciting – a day out of the office will break up the week and really make a difference to performance levels – you will go back to the office feeling like you’ve had a mini holiday! (we like to think so anyway)
  5. Unleash creative energy – it is not often that people get to use their imagination at work but on a team building activity day, you can be as inventive and flamboyant as you like!
  6. Have fun – it’s not as if a day out of the office is a regular occurrence so enjoy it while you can! Make the most of participating in enjoyable activities whilst taking in some fresh air.
  7. It is the most effective way to learn – people learn more when they’re taking part and experiencing something for themselves rather than being told information or given notes.
  8. Results in a motivated and committed work force – your competitive side will reveal itself therefore you will strive to do well in your activity and will co-operate effectively in order to achieve the end result!
  9. Enables managers and employees to get to know each other outside of the work environment –  it is unlikely that you will get to know your boss at work so make the most of being outside of work and find out the real boss!
  10. Encourages efficiency – you will have to think fast when competing against other teams in order to succeed.