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Free Team Building Activity 1: Problem Solving

The following exercise, ‘Problem Solving’, is a fun activity that requires a lot of teamwork!

Task: To untie several knots in a rope without letting go of the rope

This sounds pretty easy but you will be surprised at how many times you will almost put down that rope!  Work as a team to untie the many overhand knots in the rope – your hands may slide along the rope but you must not put it down!

Think of the knots as multiple problems, you must solve these problems (untie them) whilst also encountering other problems such as frustrated team members along the way – spatial problems can often cause frustration so it is important to communicate and co-operate with your team.

‘Problem Solving’ is a challenging activity that requires a lot of thought, or else you may find yourself letting go of the rope and failing the task completely!

What you will need:

One long piece of rope (at least a metre for person in the group)

5-20 people

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