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Blue Ocean Activities in Majorca

During the many years we have been in business we have also been touring Europe, including Majorca and France, to identify similar breath taking activities that complement our own and work with providers that offer the same high quality service as ourselves. The following are the most exciting activities in Majorca that we have personally tried and tested first hand! 

Sea Cave Adventure- includes Hike & Abseiling

 Situated on the eastern shore of the picturesque island of Mallorca we can tell you from experience this is truly a fantastic adventure!

After meeting up in the idyllic seaside village of Cala Romàntica your group will be allocated wetsuits to carry in waterproof rucksacks for a coastal hike to the site. During the hike there will be many chances to see some of the island’s native wildlife, including mountain goats, vultures and possibly dolphins.

On arrival you will take part in an optional but very exciting and nerve wrangling abseil off the cliffs straight into the sea to the mouth of the cave. Directed into the precarious looking entrance you will arrive on a small underground sand bank and will spend the next few hours exploring this beautiful and stunning sea cave with your experienced and knowledgeable guide.  

After leaving the cave you will be provided with fins and take part in a 200 meter swim to the beach before resting and hiking back. Wow! not to be missed!

Canyoning includes coastal Rib Ride & Trek

The Canyon is situated on a remote and stunning part of the island extremely difficult to access by simply hiking alone so you will head north to the island for a fast paced Rib Ride around the coast to your drop off point.

After being dropped off on a remote part of the coast you take an uphill hike and experience spectacular views from these sheer vertical cliffs. After a further trek through the countryside you will arrive at the very highest point of the Canyon and kit up into wetsuits, harnesses & helmets for the start of your Canyoning adventure. 

You will make your way from the top of the Canyon down hill all the way scrambling, abseiling, jumping and sliding all the way back to the sea. A final big jump from the sea cliffs and a swim back to your Rib to whisk you back to shore.

Real adventure! fast paced, adrenaline fuelled fun! This trip is awesome.

Kayaking & Coasteering

A circular kayak excursion along the coast of Cala Sant Vicenç crossing small islands expect to see cormorants, wild goats, ospreys & hawks if you are lucky enough you may also see vultures, eagles & dolphins!

En route you will also get the opportunity to take part in deep water soloing, cliff jumping & snorkelling and If the sea conditions are suitable an exploration into hidden sea caves.

Hike Torrent de Pareis

The Torrent de Pareis rates amongst one of the most scenic and well known day walk in Mallorca. It follows a deep canyon starting from the Lluc area at the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana all the way to the sea, opening on a beautiful sandy beach in the bay of Sa Calobra.

The sheer cliffs that define the gorge are so tall and steep that there are no easy exits from the canyon anywhere along the way. The Torrent de Pareis (translate Torrent of the Pairs), derives it name from the union of two deep canyons, the second one being the Torrent de Gorg Blau running through the canyon de Sa Fosca. This second canyon is narrow and deep, so that day light fails to reach its foot, and is one of the top canyoning destination world wide.
The Torrent de Pareis is a Unesco world heritage site


Prices start at £180pp for activity packages contact us for details

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We specialise in activities leaving you to decide upon accommodation but can provide assistance if required- Transport for all of the above activities is provided from  Cala Molins (Pollença)

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